ShatWest - Unhelpful banking

Somewhere in the heady rush of all the "economic upturn" news somebody forgot to tell Natwest.  For while other places were busy trumpeting the so-called start of the recovery Natwest was busy "simplifying their savings range" (their words).

The simplification involved scrapping the e-ISA and moving everyone on it to a standard cash-ISA.  And what do these changes mean to you, the cash-strapped customer who has struggled with rock bottom interest rates mainly because places like Natwest decided to drag the world down in there greed filled antics?   Well Natwest in their kind wisdom decided to list the changes; namely a drop in interest rates on the account, but you can now go in to a branch to manage your account should you wish to spend the meeeelions of pounds of interest you'll be earning.

Now colour me stupid, but the whole e-ISA thing was sold on the fact that as there is no branch management and it's all online, overheads are cheaper so rates are higher.  So to solve this "problem" Natwest decide to cut the rates and let you go in to a branch; a service anybody with an e-ISA has never used or most likely wanted.

So kudos Natwest, in a time when banks pretty much owe their continued existence to the state you don't even have the decency to buy us dinner before trying to fuck us.  But I've no doubt the next time I'm in a branch I will hear the warm tones of "do you have a minute to talk about your finances and how we could help you better?", which unless you have Rumplestiltskin behind that counter are going to need a fucking miracle to "make my money better."

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